Monday, April 30, 2012

five months

Now that my babies are almost six months old I figured I should try and hurry and post this so that I'm caught up for a week at least :).Being a mother is exactly what everyone says " The hardest thing you will ever do, but the most rewarding." This weekend was definitely a rewarding weekend and it recharged me for what is to come this month. Greg is studying for the GMAT which he hopes to take this summer. He just signed up for a class for the month of May that is about eight hours a week :( so we will be dadless this month for the most part. I am really wishing the outdoor pools were already open. But on a happier note the end of may means Greg should be almost done studying, pools are opening, and GRANDMA is visiting us for memorial day weekend. I'm estatic!!!

Oh how I love these little people. I still can't believe I'm a mom sometimes, but I don't even remember life without them. They make me cry sometimes, they make me want to scream sometimes, but the laughs and the smiles I get in return erase all of those hard moments.
Hey my little man you are getting so big I can't believe it. I can't wait for you to start talking and walking, but I'm so not ready for you to stop being so little. Everyone always comments on your hair and how cute it is, you are already catching the ladies eyes :). When I go get you from your crib you aren't crying like you use to be, you just make little noises saying " hey mom I'm up, come get me" and when I go and peek over the crib you get the biggest smile on your face and you do this little jiggle with your head in excitement or kick your legs. You have learned that playing peekaboo is fun. You love being changed you always get a huge smile on your face like we are tickling you or something. You have started playing more with toys and splashing around in the tub. You and Alta love holding hands and you often play with her ear. The other day you were singing Tarzan boy with your Daddy it was super cute. You are a little snorer. Your daddy loves singing Blue Shadow to you when he puts you to sleep.
Love you baby boy xoxo
Baby girl oh how I love you. You are getting so big! You and Jayden are starting to interact a lot more. You smiled at eachother the other day it was adorable. You don't really lay on your back anymore you love arching your head back and playing on your side. Daddy and I can't get over your gorgeous eyes and eyelashes. You definetly steal the spotlight when you are in the room. You are starting to talk more and we absolutely love your little voice. You are a little cuddler, but on your own terms. You are starting to play more with toys and are a little obsessed with splashing in the bathtub. As soon as I lay you down in the tub your little legs go crazy. You enjoy playing peekaboo. And I think my favorite thing of all times is when I go and pick you up from bed you get this huge smile or more like just open your mouth as wide as you can :). Makes me so happy that you're that excited to see ME. Sure makes me feel loved.  Your daddy loves singing Butterfly kisses and I loved her first to you. I have a feeling you are a daddys girl, you get the biggest smile when he gets home.
Love you baby girl xoxo

Saturday, April 14, 2012

four months

Oh my goodness baby girl you are gorgeous! I can't get enough of you. I think I probably tell your dad how cute I think you are every day. You are growing up so fast. You are a lot more awake now, which gives us more play time. You discovered your hands, you can sit and stare at them forever. You move your fingers and twirl your hand around. If your binkie doesn't fall far from your mouth you grab it and try and stick it back in your mouth it is so cute. You laughed for the first time on February 22. It was one of my favorite days ever and what makes it even better was I made you laugh :). You don't laugh very often yet, but when you do everyone rushes to watch. You can now roll from your tummy to your back. I love you baby girl more than you will ever know.  xoxo
DATE: 3-12-12 
LENGTH: 23 3/4in 30% 
WEIGHT: 12lbs 16% 
HEAD: 41 1/2cm 63%

Oh sweet boy.. I love all your many faces, they all give me a huge smile. You are getting so big. When you guys were born you were 10 oz smaller than Alta and now you are 9 oz bigger. I am so glad you are getting chubby. We were so worried about you when you were born and you have grown and come so far since then. You are a lot more awake now and I feel like you learn something new everyday. You laughed for the first time this month and it makes me so happy seeing my little boy so happy. If I feel like I'm having a hard day or I have been a bad mom seeing you or Alta smile and laugh makes me feel like I'm doing something right. You learned how to roll from your tummy to your back. You don't mind sucking on your binkie, but since it falls out a lot you resort to sucking on your hands. You often gag yourself with your fingers. I love you my little stud muffin. xoxo
DATE: 3-12-12 
LENGTH: 24 3/4in 44% 
WEIGHT: 12lbs 9.5oz 10% 
HEAD: 42cm 40%

three months

Alta you are such a happy little baby - We can always get a smile out of you - You love sitting up and standing up with my help - When you are sad you stick out your lower lip, it is probably the cutest thing ever - You are starting to talk lots - One of your favorite things is bath time - You spit up a ton which we are hoping stops soon - You sleep at least eight hours at night already, everyone is so amazed.
We love you baby girl xoxo
Jaydster I think you are the cutest little boy I have ever seen - Your hair has gotten long enough on the top, I can give you a little mohawk :) - You have started holding your bottle. You aren't very good at it yet, but you always help mommy - You love sucking on your hands - You are becoming a little talker - Recently you have started noticing Alta. You mostly just sit and stare at her play,but the other day I caught you smiling at her, so cute. I can already tell you are going to be a good brother. She is one lucky little girl to have you by her side.
Love you sweet boy xoxo

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hope you all enjoyed your Easter!! We enjoyed going to church and spending the night with Greg's fam...having an Easter egg hunt :), yep the adults hunt for the eggs. Check out last years Easter when we hid the announcement that we were having twins in the eggs. Life has definitely changed since then and we love it!! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

two little blessings

J & A were blessed on January 29. It was a great day! My mom was able to come back into town and it was WONDERFUL. All weekend we were getting ready for sunday. We made a TON of treaties a lot of them ended up in our mouths before sunday :) Cuddled with babies and just enjoyed having Grandma in town. Hopefully soon we won't be so far away.