Saturday, April 14, 2012

four months

Oh my goodness baby girl you are gorgeous! I can't get enough of you. I think I probably tell your dad how cute I think you are every day. You are growing up so fast. You are a lot more awake now, which gives us more play time. You discovered your hands, you can sit and stare at them forever. You move your fingers and twirl your hand around. If your binkie doesn't fall far from your mouth you grab it and try and stick it back in your mouth it is so cute. You laughed for the first time on February 22. It was one of my favorite days ever and what makes it even better was I made you laugh :). You don't laugh very often yet, but when you do everyone rushes to watch. You can now roll from your tummy to your back. I love you baby girl more than you will ever know.  xoxo
DATE: 3-12-12 
LENGTH: 23 3/4in 30% 
WEIGHT: 12lbs 16% 
HEAD: 41 1/2cm 63%

Oh sweet boy.. I love all your many faces, they all give me a huge smile. You are getting so big. When you guys were born you were 10 oz smaller than Alta and now you are 9 oz bigger. I am so glad you are getting chubby. We were so worried about you when you were born and you have grown and come so far since then. You are a lot more awake now and I feel like you learn something new everyday. You laughed for the first time this month and it makes me so happy seeing my little boy so happy. If I feel like I'm having a hard day or I have been a bad mom seeing you or Alta smile and laugh makes me feel like I'm doing something right. You learned how to roll from your tummy to your back. You don't mind sucking on your binkie, but since it falls out a lot you resort to sucking on your hands. You often gag yourself with your fingers. I love you my little stud muffin. xoxo
DATE: 3-12-12 
LENGTH: 24 3/4in 44% 
WEIGHT: 12lbs 9.5oz 10% 
HEAD: 42cm 40%


Amy said...

Oh my heavens...what are the odds that you end up with not one but two of the cutest babies ever made, lucky! I love those faces Jayden makes, so handsome!!

Lindsey said...

They are adorable! We need to come visit you guys and see them in person!

Derek and Lisa said...

SO adorable. They are such little cuties!

Jess said...

They got so big! I do love all of Jayden's faces. so sweet!

Mallory said...

so adorable!! Can you come take pics of kiddos!? Love these pictures!

Jolee said...

I love looking at your pictures of them. They are darling!! I can't believe how much they have changed since I saw them. I bet you are having so much fun being their mom! :)

Becky said...

Awe I love these pictures! These are two cute babies!

Erin said...

he does make the best faces! they are so identical to you and greg! what cuties! I cant believe they are 4 months already!

Anonymous said...

They are soooooo dang adorable!!!

Btw, I nominated you for Liebster Blog award. Love ya!

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