Monday, November 19, 2012

because I'm a mom

I only have ornaments on the upper half of my tree.

I don't have as much hair as I used to.

I try and find a parking spot by the shopping carts.

My house is rarely as clean as I would like it.

If I don't take a shower during nap time, I don't take a shower.

I buy whole milk.

I now have a permanent outie.

Sometimes I wear my pajamas all day long.

I either go to the bathroom with the door shut and kids crying or with the door open and them trying to crawl up onto the toilet.

I sneak food, if I don't I have to share.

If all I hear is silence I start to worry.

I'm the happiest person on earth!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

they are this many (one finger)

I can't believe my babies are one! It is bittersweet. I miss the constant holding and cuddling, but this age is starting to become my favorite. They are so much fun!! 

My little Alta baby you finally got two teeth this past month and are going to be walking any day now. You stand by yourself sometimes and then when you fall you clap for yourself. Your brother can make you laugh. You love to be chased. You are a little mimicker. When one of us coughs you like to fake cough. You love books, which makes me feel so proud. Out of all your toys you play with books the most. You love dancing and playing peek a boo. I love you tons!! I can't believe how lucky I am to have you as my daughter. I feel so blessed. 

Jaydster you now have three teeth popped through and three more coming through. I feel like you have been teething forever. You also get ear infections quite a bit. Finally though this past week I feel like you are almost fully recovered and my happy baby again. You are definitely a picky eater and instead of refusing food you just spit it out after we give it to you. You love stuffed animals and puppets. You just dive right into them and smother your face in them. You are my little cuddler. After naps we usual have a little cuddle session before you decide you are awake and ready to play, I look forward to those moments. You are so good at giving kisses. I love you so much!! So glad you are my little boy. I couldn't imagine life without you. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

to grandmothers house we go

We had so much fun visiting Grandma in October. They sure love their Grandma it doesn't take them long to remember her. She took us to the peach orchard and we had some fresh peach ice cream and peach cobbler. We did it redneck style at the state fair. My mom insisted we try something fried so cookie dough it was, Greg enjoyed it but I thought it was nasty. Watched a pigs race and the kids got to pet zebras, ponies, camels, sheep which they absolutely loved. 
Sadly it was probably the last time for a while that we will make a trip out east. It is so hard to travel with little ones and since we will soon have three little ones I can't imagine we will dare travel four hours on the plane anytime soon. Luckily grandma visits lots.