Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two Weeks Notice

Yesterday Greg put in his two weeks notice at US Airways. I'm definitely going to miss the flying benefits, but I'm more exicted for our new adventure.
In two weeks or so he will either start working at Vensure...with me or we will be moving to Salt Lake for him to work with Goldman Sachs.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looking Forward To...

Our two year anniversay ...

Cameron & Marissa's wedding ...

A week in Alaska with my mom, sister and aunts....

Becoming an uncle & auntie....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Saturday we went to Sedona, AZ with our good friends Mal & Tim. It was gorgeous!! We have decided to start a tradition of going somewhere new in Arizona each month.
We had fun playing car games on the long drive there :), walking around all the cute little shops. We ate cactus fries which I actually thought were delicious, but no one else liked them. Got ice cream and headed over to see Montezuma's Castle....

I actually thought it would be a little hike, but you pretty much just drove up to it. It was really cool. Mallory and I really wanted to sneak up there and go exploring.

On the way home we went shopping at the outlet malls and to end the great day Greg got pulled over....
Luckily he is amazing at getting out of tickets and only got a warning :). We are excited for our next adventure.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Got Mail :)

This beautiful package came in the mail last week and made my day.Thanks my dearest mother for thinking of me and sending my favorite girl scout cookies ever!! If Greg hadn't seen them I would have eaten the whole box myself without any shame :)

I love getting packages and letters. Don't you? I think we should all go back to writing letters with quill pens and sealing them with wax stamps. Lets face it emails and text messages just aren't as exciting or romantic :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is it Growing?

Our little deformed strawberry turned red!!
I don't know what it is though but all of my other plants either look like they aren't growing at all or they look like they are dying. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I'm just impatient :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Happy birthday to you.. happy birthday dear ryan, happy birthday to you!! Saturday we got to celebrate Ryan's last days of being 29 :) We had tons of fun...along with celebrating his birthday the bride and groom opened all their presents and we had a long overdue easter egg hunt.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mariana's Soccer Game

Saturday we were able to go to one of my sisters soccer games. It was so cute to watch her. I love this action shot... she is the one stealing the ball.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

She's A Married Women

Cortney & Chad got married today and everything turned out beautiful. They are a gorgeous couple and we couldn't be more happy for them. The night was perfect and we all had so much fun.
It was my first time going to a sealing since our sealing and it was so touching. It made me want to start a tradition and go do sealings with Greg on our anniversary. Since I recently got my camera I was able to practice some new skills and I think this was my favorite picture of the day....

I wish I had more time to practice figuring out my camera before their wedding cause alot of my pictures didn't turn out, but it was fun to get some practice in. Cort's photographers took me under their wing when they had down time, they were so sweet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day Dreaming

Isn't this gorgeous ahhh I want to go to Italy so bad. I have this picture as my screen saver at work and sometimes catch my self day dreaming about being day :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Little Deformed Strawberry

So since we have started our garden not much action has occurred...except this beauty. It is a little deformed,but I couldn't love it more. It gives me hope that I am doing something right.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Takoma's Spring Break

My brother Takoma came to visit us for his spring break this past week. Sadly I don't have very many pictures cause he is so uncooperative when it comes to getting his picture taken. We had a very active week.... laser tag. in and out. jet skiing. tennis. hiking camelback. suns game. cafe rio. easter celebration. We were excited he was able to come visit us.

Mom's Birthday Weekend

March 28 was my mom's birthday. I was able to fly to Atlanta and spend the weekend with her. Because we fly stand by I had to come home a little early to guarantee I got home, but it was well worth it.
we had lots of girl talk. eating lots of treaties. wynton marsalis performance. thai food. five points. furry convention. my "costa rica" dad came and partied with us for a little bit.
When we got to the hotel we saw tons of people dressed up like animals...weird. Supposedly there was a furry convention going on. What is that you ask? Look Here. The hotel agent told us though that they were people who supposedly believe they should have been born animals. My mom got in an elevator with one that was completely dressed up, here is a rough draft of their conversation....
Mom: so you are here for the furry convention?
Wolf: woof woof woof woof
Mom: Oh so can you not talk or something?
Wolf: woof woof woof
haha she came back to the hotel room just laughing her head off. Our goal before we left was to get a picture of them and we finally got an awesome one.....
Loved having girl time and being with my family. Those days are definitely few and far between. Love you mom! You are the greatest, thanks for being so amazing. Hope your birthday weekend was everything you wished for.