Friday, August 28, 2009


YAY we got our Phantom of the Opera tickets!!! I can't wait. We are seeing the play in November. I think I might just have to go buy the movie tonight.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

This morning I woke up and went to work like usual but today was different cause I was leaving early to go to school. I was so nervous not really knowing what to expect. Once I left work I was going to catch the light rail to campus but I couldn't find the exit and I was getting nervous. I eventually found it and some girls in the parking lot totally helped me out and I made it to class early. THANK YOU!!
My two classes went great. I ended up meeting Emily in my first class who was an angel. After class she showed me around. She took me to get my books and we ate lunch together and went to our last class together. Overall the day went great. I'm really excited for new classes and a new school. School with out Janna and Mallory though wasn't the same I miss you girls!!!!

So on another note holy cow is ASU different I have totally been in a bubble....a bubble that I miss.
1. First of all walking to class I was soaking in my own sweat it was disgusting it was SO hot I don't get how people do it.... oh never mind I know they don't wear white insulators and girls wear anything and everything.
2. Students walk to class smoking... they have ash trays in the outdoor sitting areas.
3. You have to put your backpack in a locker before entering the bookstore cause students steal the books.
4. Sororities and fraternities. They are everywhere!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sisterly Bonding Continued

After I got back from Georgia Greg's sister Valerie was in town for work so we got to hang out with her for a little before she headed off to North Carolina. A couple days later Greg's other sisters Cortney and Kelsey came to visit :).

We took them to go see the Mesa temple....

They took us out to eat at the amazing Cheesecake factory..... Thanks girls!!!

Then before we knew it we had to take them to the airport.... We miss ya girls!! Thanks for spending your vacation with us. We love you!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sisterly Bonding

Last week I flew to Georgia to spend some time with my little Bub aka my sister Lauren. It was really nice to get away for a few days and goof off. Some things I got to do that I never have time for....
- slept in
-painted my toe nails
-laid out at the pool
-read a book
-played with my blog
-watched "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and ate picksey sticks
-watched TV ( Greg and I don't have TV)
-went shopping, Lauren is super stylish so she helped me find some cute clothes.

It ended way too fast, but it was fun to hang out with my sis I don't get to see her enough.
Love ya bub!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

ASU Here I Come

So its official I am a non-degree seeking student at Arizona State University(ranked as one of the nation’s top 20 party schools, I'm going from one extreme to the next), which means I'm still going to get my diploma from BYU so that's exciting. School starts on August 24th and I am taking two classes. It was really hard for us to decide If I should go to ASU because tuition for a non-resident for two classes is 4500 and full time at BYU is 2100. Quite a difference, I definitely feel blessed to have had the opportunity to go to BYU and I'm so excited that I still get to graduate a COUGAR!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Megan's Birthday!

Today was my cousin Megan's Birthday she turned the big 7. So after work I headed over for the celebration. Greg never ended up coming because he got stuck at work all night working on some project, my poor baby. It was a lot of fun hanging out with all my little cousins. I have really enjoyed living in Arizona because as a result I have gotten to get to know my cousins on my Dads side better.

Birthday Girl ( she did that pose all on her own :)

Addy and Jake trying to hide from me
Taylor and I

Thursday, August 6, 2009

In Love

i LOVE this swimsuit. They have it in a coral color as well which I would consider getting. The only problem is this swimsuit is crazy expensive and I can't get myself to pay that much. Even though I do have birthday money left over there are so many other things I could get. I have three options:
1. Buy it and maybe regret it later. .
2. Don't buy it and be sad and always think about it.
3. fall in love with a cheaper one.
So I need your help. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I can find a one piece similar or just as cute please let me know.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oreo Truffle Experiment

For FHE on Monday night we decided to experiment with a recipe I found on Better Homes and Gardens, which is one of my favorite websites. I get daily emails from them with awesome recipes, cute decorating ideas and one day garden ideas that will be useful. If you are interested in making the truffles here is a link to the site: Oreo Truffles Recipe
So this was the goal.... they were fairly easy to make but mine didn't turn out quite as pretty as theirs.

If you are interested in making these I would suggest a couple things that I think I will do next time to get a better turn out. If you have a blender use it to blend up the Oreos before you add the cream cheese. Also I would recommend covering the whole Oreo ball with chocolate. I think that way they would look prettier. We had a lot of fun, its a fast and easy recipe, and they taste delicious.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Birthday Celebrations!

This past weekend we wanted to get out of town, to do something for my birthday. We were thinking about going to DC, or San Fran but in the end we decided to go to Salt Lake and visit my Dad and the family. Nothing beats spending time with family. It was a great trip. My brother Takoma who I haven't seen since we got married also came down from Wyoming to hang out with us. I was so excited to see him and wanted to take pictures but there is something wrong with teenagers they don't like having their picture taken. My sister Lauren is the same way I just don't get it. My dad and I tried so hard to sneak in a picture but we always just got this.......

After a million attempts to get a picture I was giving up. Then out of now where, I think he felt bad after a while, he decided to let me have one....what a nice brother :)

On Saturday we met up with Tom, Marie, Megan and Bailey and went up to Park City to go on the Alpine slide and their new coaster ride. The alpine slide has kind of been a tradition for my
birthday and like always it was SO much fun.
Later on we went out to our favorite Gelato Cafe...why is it our favorite one? B ecause they have great gelato and an amazing table that we love playing "I Spy" on....

My goal one day is to make one of our own.

They put a new piece in every week and if you can guess which piece it is you get a free gelato. My sister guessed the new item. That just tells you how often we go there. :) My little sis Mari starting pouting when we got there because someone else was at the table so we hung out until it was vacant.
After gelato we played games until about one in the morning. There was an annoying fly buzzing around and I guess...I just found out that my dad is a pro fly killer. He swatted the fly and it hit Greg on the forehead and died. :)
On Sunday we went to church, came back for linner and took a bunch of pictures before me and Greg had to head to the airport.

Being goofy.

On Monday night Greg and I went out with the Lows and Withers. We went out to eat and bowling. It was a blast.Some how I was an amazing bowler that night I must have just had a special birthday touch.
The girls and guys competed against each other and sadly the boys won so as a result the girls have to perform a belly dance or something...which I technically never agreed to because I was in the bathroom. :) ..Maybe the guys will forget. Cross your fingers. We love our friends!! Thanks guys for the great night and making me feel special!!!

On the 28th Greg planned a special day with just the two of us... it was tons of fun.
Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!!