Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My poor baby had to get stitches yesterday. I was at home doing homework while Greg went to church basketball. I later got a call from Ida telling me that Greg got his lip cut open and he was coming home, I was thinking to myself oh it must not have been that bad if he is coming home. I was completely confused and didn't understand what was going on until a heard this honking out side and Greg was out there waiting for me to go with him to urgent care. So once we got there we had to fill out paper work until he could get in, so much for URGENT care. He had a cut that went all the way through his lip and was about an inch wide. While they were numbing him up the medication started seaping through the hole in his lip.He swallowed a ton of it and said it was nasty. Sadly the nurse regonized us because we had been in there just last month. I had cut my finger in my bookbinding class with an exacto knife. Hopefully we won't visit them again anytime soon. Greg is doing good, his lip is just swollen and he says he looks like "one of those ugly dogs with an underbite." another adventure in our life.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

catching up

Yay! We finally have a functioning blog! I started our blog when we got married and now after eight months I’m starting to make an effort to post things and actually get it going. Life has been great; it has gone by so fast. I can’t believe I have been married for eight months already and then I’m going to be graduating from college soon, wow! Well for a little eight month update. This past summer we worked mostly, Greg had an internship with Wells Fargo so he got up every morning at around 5 and got on the bus headed to SLC. I usually slept in :) and went and worked at the restaurant at night.
We went on our Honeymoon in August to Cancun which was a blast. I’m glad we w
aited because then all summer long we had something to look forward to, one last adventure before we got sucked into our books. We got to see one of the wonders of the world Chichen Itza, we went snorkeling, cliff jumping, we saw turtles and went to a cool Mexican performance. Greg and I were sitting in the front row of this huge auditorium and they pulled me on stage and put this Las Vegas looking feathery thing on me and had me dance that was interesting. Greg didn’t see any of it because he was trying to get the camera out the whole time (haha) and by the time he did they had already pulled me off stage. We had tons of fun, but of course it went by way to fast.
When we got home, school was about to start and we had to move to a different building in the Branbury so we could be RA’s there. We then settled in for four months of school school school and work work work.
For Thanksgiving we went to Georgia/ Florida. It was tons of fun. I wish we co
uld live closer to everyone, because vacations are always too short. We were grateful we could afford to go up though. We stayed in Georgia for a little while and went to Twilight and partied. Then we headed to Florida for the rest of the time. It was so nice and warm. We just relaxed, went to movies, did a lot of Christmas shopping and vegged out on Reeses trees :) .
We survived our finals and
Christmas was here before we knew it. For Christmas we just stayed in Utah. We worked a lot which we really needed and spent time with my Dad and Greg’s family. For Christmas we did our own little thing at our house on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas we were up in Salt Lake/Sandy. Greg surprised me with my Christmas present. He got me a picture from Desert Book that I have been wanting forever. He is so cute. He always tries his hardest to keep things a surprise but is not very good it. He is getting better with each present occasion.
Now we are back in school for our last semester together, Greg is graduating in April with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. So we are going to be RICH!! Haha just kidding. I always tease Greg about that, he gets so stressed out. I am actually really grateful that he is smart with money. He went on this kick for a day that in 2011 we are going to move to Honolulu because the house market is going to drop 30% so houses will be a lot cheaper. So you can all come visit us, at our house, in Hawaii in two years :). We are actually a little worried, jobs are really hard to find right now. Greg was telling me that 140 companies came to BYU’s career fair last year but only 40 have committed to coming this year. I had no idea the economy was that bad, but I’m sure everything will work out, we
have faith :).