Friday, June 22, 2012

seven months

Seven months! Where did the time go! These guys get cuter and cuter to me everyday. Prepare for picture overload. I couldn't decide on just one or two.....or three or four. 
Jayden, this month you have learned how to do so many new things. You can now roll onto your tummy. You had done it a couple time when you were six months but now you are rarely on your back. Also you are becoming a pro at sitting up all by yourself. I still put the boppy around you just in case. You got your first haircut the other day. It was getting pretty long on the top so I chopped some of it off. You love to suck on practically everything, your thumb, your big toe :), blankets, your clothes, Alta's toes and fingers, whatever you can get your hands on. You are very ticklish. You are getting good at eating, but you aren't really into it. The only thing you have tried and had no complaints about so far is sweet potatoes. When you are done eating you usually vibrate your lips together (see above picture) and get food all over me! Definitely not my favorite, but it is pretty cute. I have heard you say baba and mama, but nothing really consistent yet. You definitely love your sister. When she cries you always look so concerned. If you have been crying you stop and if you are close enough to her you put your arm out to touch her. I love you a ton!! xoxo


Sweet Alta, you are just one content little baby. Everyone is so amazed that you can just sit and chill. The other day you were just laying on your Uncle Chads lap just hanging out, it was pretty cute! I think partly though why you were so happy is because he was secretly feeding you marshmallow fluff. You are definitely my little eater. You will eat anything I give you and you will eat it until I stop you :). You are chubby like I was when I was a baby, a lot cuter though. I keep feeding Jayden after you are done cause you are a fast eater, again like your mama, and you still open your mouth for a bite. Sadly you and Jayden just got over a bad sinus infection. It was no fun seeing you so sick. One night you woke up crying so your daddy brought you into bed with us and you were talking in your sleep. It was so cute!! When we went to the doctor to get your antibiotics for your infection the doctor told us you had gained two pounds in a month. You are growing strong and big which makes us happy. You and Jayden are starting to really acknowledge each other you kind of babble back and forth sometimes and I have caught you smiling and squealing at each other several times. You are getting good at sitting, but are still a little wobbly. You aren't very ticklish like your brother, you mostly laugh when we are being goofy. Love you more everyday! xoxo