Monday, June 22, 2009

Road Trip Across the Country

As soon as Greg and I were able to fly I took advantage and flew down to Georgia to see My sister, Lauren, My Mom, and Greg .We had tons of fun!!!We....

  • Celebrated Laurens 15th Birthday
  • Went through our storage unit and looked at old yearbooks.letters, pictures, Grandmas jewelry....
  • Ate at an amazing Mexican Restaurant
  • Drove to Florida
  • Went to the Beach
  • Shopped at the Outlet Mall
  • Ate treaties....can't leave that out

I also went down there to pick up a new car. My "Costa Rica" Dad offered to give me his 1999 BMW if I promised to graduate in December so when I went down to Georgia I also picked up the car in Florida. I stayed with My mom for a week and on Friday morning me and Lauren started driving to Arizona. We made it all the way to Houston the first day, which is where Greg flew in after work to meet up with us and help drive. On Saturday we drove to El Paso and on Sunday we made it home. Sadly Greg got his first speeding ticket (turns out BMW's have a more sensitive gas pedal compared to our Ford Focus, lol). I won't tell you how fast he was going, but it was fast. Luckily we have jobs. Once we got to Arizona Lauren stayed with us for a week. We...

  • Made Grandma Salsa and good.
  • Went miniature golfing
  • Played the Wii
  • Watched movies, Lauren and I were craving to watch You've Got Mail so we searched for it and watched it.....ugh and we went to one of the stupidest movies EVER. I'm not going to tell you just in case one of you saw it and loved it and also to save me from embarrassment. We were a little bored and going to a movie in the hot weather was the only thing we could think of.
  • Laid out at the pool and ate otter pops

After my lil sis went home Greg and I flew to Salt Lake and had a very eventful weekend. We had a wedding to go to, a funeral, a birthday to celebrate, and a mission farewell. I flew in a little earlier than Greg to make it to my good friend Lisa's wedding reception, sadly I wasn't able to make it to her wedding and luncheon, but I'm so glad I was able to make it down for the reception. Lisa was one of my old College roomies, we lived together for two years. She looked Gorgeous!!! I'm so happy for her. They left on their honeymoon the next day to California. Congratulations, We love you both!!

At the wedding I was also able to see my other roommates who I have lived with ever since I came to College, Amy and Jolee. We had so much fun catching up and hopefully we will plan a trip to hang out together soon. Love you guys and miss you!!

On Saturday we went to the funeral which was really touching. I loved hearing about the message of hope and how we don't have to worry or be sad because we are going to be able to see our loved ones again someday. I'm so grateful for that knowledge and I think that the faith that comes from the knowledge makes the trials of life bearable. We also were able to celebrate my Step Mom's birthday. We went and saw The Night At the Museum 2, got gelato, ate dinner at Marie Calendars, and once we got home we had a pumpkin dessert :). It tons of fun!On Sunday we went to Greg's Cousin Ben's farewell. Ben is going on a mission to Mozam Bique where Elder Nelson was attacked recently and also a certain number of citizens are eaten each month by lions ( he mentioned this in his talk). GOOD LUCK BEN!!!

We Loved seeing our family and friends!! We miss all of you and love you tons!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Weekend

For memorial weekend some of our good friends, Orlando and Lindsey, from good ole Provo came to visit us for the weekend, we had tons of fun. We are so glad that they were able to spend their weekend off with us. We laid out in the sun by the pool.
Orlando and Lindsey are big San Diego Padre fans and on memorial day they were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks so we got tickets to go to the game. Greg got discount tickets through work and so we were a little worried we wouldn't have good seats, but we were really close. It was tons of fun.

The Padres won sadly for us because we are diamondback fans now that we are residents of Arizona :), but it was a really good game.
On Sunday we hung out at the house and played games, took naps, and the boys got addicted to the "tank game". Every time they died they had to start at the beginning level they were having so much fun it was cute to watch them. On their last night we cooked a nice steak dinner and......sat on the floor to eat haha. We don't have furniture yet except for our bed and so we were eating on the floor, it was a good memory.

We loved having Orlando and Lindsey stay with us for the weekend, thanks guys for taking your time off to be with us, we loved having you!!! We had a great weekend and we are sad that it went by so fast. We are so glad to have you guys as such good friends and can't wait until we vacation together in Cali.