Sunday, February 28, 2010

Washington DC

Last weekend Greg surprised me with a trip to DC to celebrate Valentines Day. We loved it!!

We ended up flying into Baltimore because we didn't make the flight to DC. It actually turned out to be really fun because once we got off the plane in Baltimore we hopped on the train to DC. It was a fun little twist to our plans. It was so cold when we got off the plane.... and I loved it!! It was such a great feeling to be cold and cuddle up next to my hubby.

We ended up getting into DC Friday night and took the metro to our hotel which was in the heart of DC, we were thrilled. I definitely recommend Right away we headed out to see some sights. This was our first....
Can you see Obama in the window?
The next morning we headed out early to try and see as many sights as possible. Here is the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Its such a cool building, the architecture is so unique. When we first got into DC I was taking tons of pictures of all the column buildings cause they were gorgeous and then Saturday when we walked around more I realized they were everywhere. It was such a gorgeous city.

Here is the Lincoln Memorial...

On our way to the Lincoln Memorial we saw a memorial dedicated to World War II. We definitely need to come back though sometime in the summer because it would be a completely different sight.

Korean War Memorial...

Our next stop was the museums. We were able to go to the American History, Natural History and Air and Space Smithsonians. We were shocked to find out that the smithsonians are free. I definitely recommend a trip to DC because all you really have to pay for is a hotel and food. There was so much stuff to look at you could spend hours in those easily. Some of the coolest stuff we say was the hope diamond, Abraham Lincolns famous top hat, Julia Child's Kitchen, Dorothy's shoes, parts of the world trade center, etc....

We also headed over to the Newsuem (check it out) and it was by far my favorite. They had a section of the museum dedicated to pulitzer prize winning photos. They were amazing it really inspired me to be a photographer. There they also had a piece of the berlin wall, old news footage, etc...
We had a blast it was a quick trip, but that is what we are used to these days. We were able to see a lot in in one day. We walked around DC from about 8:00am to about 10:00pm and the only down side was my feet were killing me. I don't know how the pioneers did it. It was worth it though.
The End
Thanks babe, Love you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Jealous

Yesterday Greg came home with great news....he gets to work from home on Thursdays. I am so Jealous!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday

Lately we have been doing a lot of celebrating. Last weekend we celebrated Greg's birthday by going to the cheesecake factory and a movie.

Then we had a superbowl/ birthday party at my uncles house and I made Greg his all time favorite, german chocolate cake.
Then this past weekend we were able to fly up to Utah and celebrate Gregs birthday again :) along with his sisters Birthdays Valerie {Feb 15} and Kelsey {Feb 17}. We had lots of fun. We visited Grandma Conover and brought her Valentine flowers....
We went bowling, ate at an amazing thai resturant, opened presents....

Sang Happy Birthday, blew out candles, and ate delicious pie....
We were sad to have to leave so soon.
The End!

Pray for Dylan

I don't know if you remember a few months ago my post titled "A Miracle". You can check it out here if you missed it. The accident ended up not only being a miracle, but a huge blessing in disguise. As a result of all the CAT scans they did to check for internal bleeding they found a tumor in Dilly's head, which probably would have stayed unnoticed if they hadn't gotten hit. The tumor is getting bigger and they are worried it could be cancerous.
Tomorrow she is getting surgery to remove it and there are tons of risks. We are so grateful for the accident and that the girls came out of it almost perfect, but there is still one more hurdle to jump over. Dylan will be in surgery for 12 hours tomorrow and in an induced coma another three days. I can definetly feel Heavenly Father watching over her. She is such a brave girl she told us that she is only scared about the IV. Please keep her in your prayers as she overcomes this trial.


So I started the year off great blogging, but then I realized that I better get my butt into gear if I'm going to finish my online classes in time. So I will be missing in action until the end of March. The only reason I am blogging now is because the site is not working...getting a little stressed.
After March though I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I will be done with school until further plans are made. Its crazy to think I have been going to school for 22 years and its coming to an end, yikes! When I'm bored I go crazy so I'm planning on having a lot of projects. Here are two I can't wait to make.....

I also had to postpone my table project so pictures to come, when I have time to start it.

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday Boy!!

Happy 26th Birthday Sweetie!!
I can't believe how fast time flies. Thanks for being such an amazing husband, I couldn't have found anyone more perfect for me. I'm so excited to spend many more birthdays with you. Love you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cortney + Chad

My sister in law is getting MARRIED!! I'm so excited for them. They got engaged last weekend and are getting married April 15, 2010. We are so happy for both of them. Chad is actually one of Greg's old roommates. We are so excited to have him join the family. Sadly I don't have a picture of the cute couple yet so that will have to wait. For the wedding I get to be a bridesmaid I'm super excited so I'm trying to find a cute new black dress or skirt/shirt. Anyone know where to look? I have looked at shabbyapple, downeast, shade, jcrew, anthropologie and can't really find anything I absolutely love...thats modest. Any ideas?

We can't wait for the spring so many exciting milestones....

{April 15 } Cort & Chad's wedding
{April 22} Graduation for muah :)
{May 7} Cam Bam & Marissa's wedding
{Juneish} Kels' Graduation from

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog's Day!!

Hope yours was just as good as ours! :)