Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reasons to Be Happy

sometimes you just need a little reminder....
1. I have the best husband. He is what makes me happy from day to day and what keeps me going. He makes me feel like the most beautiful women inside and out.
2. I have a roof over my head and a full fridge. 3. I have a job. 4. I finally finished my 21 page research paper. 5. I have an amazing and supportive family. 6. I have great friends. 7. I have the gospel in my life and a knowledge that I am a loved daughter of my Heavenly Father. 8. I am only a few weeks from being done with my bachelors degree.

9. Next week I am getting a new camera to finally dive deeper into my passion for photography. 10. In two days I get to spend time with my mom and sister.
11. My garden is growing not dying. 12. I have great visiting teachers, companion and visiting teaches.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our Garden

This past weekend my good friend Shannon has been helping me start a garden giving me all the tips and helping me make my potter box. I love it! Since we don't have a yard it was little difficult but we managed, and our porch is getting some good use. We are growing...
I am so excited. It reminds me of when we lived in Alaska and my mom would garden all the time, I miss those days. Since this is my first garden I'm not getting my hopes up on them surviving. The other day I came home and they had wilted a little and I almost shed a tear. If anyone has any tips on how to keep my garden healthy and strong please let me know, I love advice.
If you are new at this like me, here is what we did. We got compost or aged manure to be exact :). Shannon found some free compost on Craigs list and we got so excited.Greg was like "really you found FREE poop" haha. Lets be honest some people pay for that sutff. After we filled it mostly with compost then I put potting soil on the top. Planted them and I water them about everyday.

Its Offical

Its getting hot again. My car is starting to get more uncomfortable and for the first time since October we have turned on our AC. The past few weeks though have been glorious. I wish it would stay like that forever. I have hated being stuck inside an office all day, any second I get I am outside. Now is the perfect time to come visit :) cause shortly it is going to be the hot where you don't want to be outside.


Yesterday Greg came home with a surprise.....

A few years ago I saw my first Akita and totally fell in love they are adorable and everyone says so many good things about them, I have wanted one ever since. When I went to BYU my bishop told me the story of Hachiko and I fell even more in love. It is a story of a loyal dog who waits everyday at the train station for his owner to come home. The owner dies at work one day but the dog continues to return to the train station everyday until the day of his death nine years later . It is such a touching story and I'm so glad they made a movie out of it, talk about a total tear jerker though. I was bawling, I think Greg was too :) We can't wait to get one of our own.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Chubby Greg

Today marks the seven year anniversary of the day Greg entered the MTC to prepare for his mission in Puebla, Mexico. We can't wait for the chance to go back and visit all the families he met. He loves Mexico and he takes any chance he gets to speak spanish...hopefully one day I will be more fluent.
He always loves to pull out his pictures and laugh at how chubby he got (haha) and share all his stories.

Aww so cute! I'm so proud of him for serving a faithful mission. Still to this day he is constantly seeking opportunties to share the gospel and be an example to those around him. Don't you just love your missionaries?
I can't wait for the day when we have the chance to serve a mission together.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This past weekend while our family was out of town we made sure their dogs got love and attention and had so much fun doing it. We discovered all their cute little personalities.

{Kodi} miniature australian shepherd (light brown), who we nicknamed Winnie the Pooh. He definitely required the most loving. One night after we dropped him off at home for the night he dug a whole to get out of the fence and search for people to give him some loving. Luckily the neighbor found him and returned him safely home.

{Hallie} miniature australian shepherd. She was a little scared of us at first but quickly warmed up. It took at little longer for her to warm up to Greg so whenever he was around she came and took cover near me. She was also in heat so we had the chance to practice our diaper skills with her :)

{Chloe} white maltese AKA little princess. Whenever we tried to get her to run outside she just stood by the door begging to go back inside and when we took all the dogs for a walk she put her butt down and made us drag her until she figured out she wasn't going to get her way, haha.

We had so much fun and we can't wait to have a dog of our own.They made us laugh constantly. And to top it off we were staying at my Uncles Toms house so we had cable and we were able to watch the Oscars and The Office yay!!