Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reasons to Be Happy

sometimes you just need a little reminder....
1. I have the best husband. He is what makes me happy from day to day and what keeps me going. He makes me feel like the most beautiful women inside and out.
2. I have a roof over my head and a full fridge. 3. I have a job. 4. I finally finished my 21 page research paper. 5. I have an amazing and supportive family. 6. I have great friends. 7. I have the gospel in my life and a knowledge that I am a loved daughter of my Heavenly Father. 8. I am only a few weeks from being done with my bachelors degree.

9. Next week I am getting a new camera to finally dive deeper into my passion for photography. 10. In two days I get to spend time with my mom and sister.
11. My garden is growing not dying. 12. I have great visiting teachers, companion and visiting teaches.


Brian and Stacy said...

How cute are you! My goodness! I wish I looked that cute in a beanie! I'm so excited for you to be done with your degree. It's sooooo nice when it's done and over. You'll even miss doing 21 page research papers, but it may take a year or two. I know I miss them sometimes. Then I think about the stress, anxiety, and needless sweets eating in behalf of those papers and I don't miss them anymore. Congrats!

~Crystal~ said...

Looks like you guys are loving being married ;) Isn't it the best?! Btw, those pictures we took with Rowan were by the Salt River, off of Power, close to the lake.

Question for you. I remember you saying that your team mascot was a 'storm'? Well, our close friend that lives by us, her husband says that was his mascot. I don't know what year he was there, but did you know any of the Safstens? His name is Dan. They have like 12 kids, and he's the youngest. Just wondering.
We should get together soon!!!