Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mom's Birthday Weekend

March 28 was my mom's birthday. I was able to fly to Atlanta and spend the weekend with her. Because we fly stand by I had to come home a little early to guarantee I got home, but it was well worth it.
we had lots of girl talk. eating lots of treaties. wynton marsalis performance. thai food. five points. furry convention. my "costa rica" dad came and partied with us for a little bit.
When we got to the hotel we saw tons of people dressed up like animals...weird. Supposedly there was a furry convention going on. What is that you ask? Look Here. The hotel agent told us though that they were people who supposedly believe they should have been born animals. My mom got in an elevator with one that was completely dressed up, here is a rough draft of their conversation....
Mom: so you are here for the furry convention?
Wolf: woof woof woof woof
Mom: Oh so can you not talk or something?
Wolf: woof woof woof
haha she came back to the hotel room just laughing her head off. Our goal before we left was to get a picture of them and we finally got an awesome one.....
Loved having girl time and being with my family. Those days are definitely few and far between. Love you mom! You are the greatest, thanks for being so amazing. Hope your birthday weekend was everything you wished for.


Becky Rust said...

That is freakin funny woof woof woof ha crazy people!

Janna said...

OMG!! Kayla i saw a CSI about these people once, they're freaky! Your face in that picture is so classic, you look like you're about to die laughing! haha. soo great.