Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn in AZ

So its Autumn in Arizona and it doesn't look anything like this......... :(
and it is slightly depressing. It still feels like summer and looks like summer, the only thing that is different is I'm in school. We are missing the beautiful colored leaves and the cool weather where its not freezing yet, but nice to cuddle up in a sweater and a blanket next to your hubby. Ugh just talking about it makes me smile :) It is getting a little cooler here in AZ though which is exciting. It is still pretty hot from 11:00am-4:00pm but at night it feels good. I'm also so sick of my summer clothes. I realize that I need to stock up on more short sleeve clothes because my closet is half summer/half winter and since there really isn't a winter here, well lets just say I'm getting sick of summer clothes. Tonight I'm wearing my first long sleeve t-shirt since probably April and oh do I love it. Hopefully I don't regret it when I walk outside.

Happy Birthday Cort!!

Today is our lil sis, Cortneys birthday. She is the big 21!! Thanks for being so amazing.
We love you Cort!
Hope you have an awesome birthday, don't party too hard ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mom & Dad Weekend

Greg's parents came into town last weekend to spend some time with us. We are so grateful for Greg working at US airways, we get to see our families so much more because of it. While they were here Greg's dad, Kim helped us fix our cars since one was hiccuping and the other caught on fire. :) He is our HERO!
While the guys were fixing the cars Greg's mom, Karen taught me how to make some amazing pizza dough and use my kitchen aid for something besides just mixing cookie dough. We had tons of fun. It motivates me to want to cook more.
My auntie Kathrono :) plans what she is going to cook for the whole month and gets all the non perishables in one big swoop and then each week goes and gets veggies and stuff. I think I'm going to start in October. It is going to be a big step because as of now Greg and I eat Mac and Cheese, microwave soup, cereal, you name anything that only takes two minutes to cook and we probably eat it. So I think its time my poor husband deserved a decent dinner on a regular basic. I always make an excuse that I will do it more often when I'm a stay at home mom, but I don't think that will happen all of sudden :)
Here is our beautiful pizza we made, it was delicious and tasted tons healthier than a normal pizza.

On Saturday we wanted to go hiking so we headed to Payson to go hike fossil springs. We drove the two to three hours to get there and it was RAINING!! I love the rain, but not when you want to go hiking. So we turned back. That is the second time that has happened to Greg and I so I think we will be avoiding Payson for a little while. When we got back into town we didn't want to go home because we had been driving for over four hours and without a destination it just didn't feel good. So Greg's mom really wanted to go to this place called Nordstroms Last Chance, it is where everything goes AFTER Nordstrom Rack it has crazy good deals on designer products. So we plugged in "Last Chance" into the Garmin and headed to the store. Well we ended up here....

Haha we were getting a little skeptical when we were driving in farm land. So all that driving and we finally just ended up going home jumping in the pool and showering for the day :) We decided to google the store this time cause you obviously can't always trust the Garmin. We finally found the store and got there an hour before it closed. It was fun. I found a cute belt for only four bucks. I think the trick though to finding more stuff would be to go early in the morning, I can't wait to go again. To end the night we ate at a great Mexican restaurant across the street.
We decided that every time Greg's parents came into town we would make it a tradition.

Sadly before we knew it they had to leave. Weekends are never long enough. We love you guys!! Hope you come visit again soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kally's Baby Shower

Today I went to Kally's baby shower. She is having her third boy and is due October 9. She is the cutest thing.
Kally and I were orginally in nursery together, but she recently was released because of obvious reason :). I have heard that is the only way to get out of nursery. It was a lot of fun. We played a couple games and one of them was to make a baby out of gum and Kally had to choose the winner. Here are all the master pieces.......

Than she opened presents, Lindsey and I made a diaper cake for her. It turned out really cute. It was all Lindsey's idea, I can't really take the credit for it, but I helped :).They are alot easier to put together than I was thinking. We went shopping together and got all the little gadgets for it and went to her house to put it together. Here is the finished product.....
Afterwards we sat around and just talked about everyones labor and after math stories and HOLY COW. I think my eyes were wide the entire time. I was the only one there that wasn't either pregnant or already had kids. So now being in nursery and hearing what they all had to say about it I think I will be waiting for a little while to have kids. :)

Happy Birthday Erin!!

Today we celebrated Erin's birthday! Her birthday was on 9/9/09 cool huh.... Happy Birthday Erin. We hope you had fun and know how much we love you!!!

Today was also 9/11 and I didn't even realize it until late tonight. Crazy that is has been eight years since it happened. I remember I was getting ready for seminary my freshman year in Washington when a friend called us and told us to turn on the news. It sure makes me grateful to be able to live in America and have all the privileges we have and protection we have compared to other countries.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Come On Over for Dinner

WE GOT A TABLE YAY!! Now we feel like we can actually invite people over. I love Craigslist I don't know how we could afford cute stuff if it wasn't for stocking craigslist. I'm considering painting it a different color and changing the fabric, for right now I'm just glad we have somewhere to eat instead of the couch.

Lifes Simple Pleasures

Last night I got to fall asleep to rain :) one of my favorite things.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Strawberry, AZ

To start our memorial weekend we went hiking and walked around the small city of Strawberry Arizona with the Low's.

The cute little Low family

We hiked to a natural bridge. It was a really hard hike :) ....well we thought we would be hiking for at LEAST a mile, but you basically drove to this area and than just hiked down. It was really pretty and there was what looked like a refreshing area to swim but you weren't allowed. So we were going to drive to Fossil Springs where Greg and I went on the fourth to go swimming, but it started raining.

So we decided to just walk around the small town of Strawberry. It was really cute we went to a bunch of antique shops, got ice cream and went out to eat at a little family owned restaurant.

Brady was so cute begging for ice cream and Erin was nice enough to share :)
I love that Erin is sticking out her tongue as well.

Mallory's Birthday

Last week we finally celebrated Mallory's 23rd birthday. We had a dinner over at Erin's new apartment and it was absolutely delicious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAL!! We love you!