Friday, December 23, 2011

sneak peek

I finally feel like I have gotten a couple good pictures of my babes and announcements are being worked on, but i couldn't wait that long to share one of the pictures. I almost got to the point where I was just going to hire someone to take their pictures cause I felt I was having no luck, but I ended up getting alot of good ones. More so of Jayden. Alta is our little high maintenance baby and didn't stay happy very long. She always gets this little scowl on her face. They recommend you get newborn pictures taken within ten days of them being born and now I totally see why, that young they are so sleepy that you can do anything to them and they won't wake up. So no matter how tired you may be just suck it up for an hour or so and get some pictures of them. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

all the little things

We are all still alive and functioning. The babies and I have been doing great. Today is the first day with just the three of us. Up until today I have had the huge blessing of either having my family here or having Greg working half days from home. the fact that I found time to make my bed, take a shower and now blog is really saying something.  Lately blogging has been taking a back seat among all the other things we have going on. Normally the days priorities consist of taking care of babies, spending time with hubby, personal hygiene, preparing for Christmas, laundry, cleaning bottles, oh yeah and eating :). I think I am finally getting the hang of things though. Twins weren't as hard as we were expecting but they are definitely not easy. I can only imagine how easy one would be :). I think the hardest part for me about having twins is I feel bad when I can't distribute my attention evenly. It is already weird thinking I had these two little guys inside me just a few weeks ago.  I couldn't imagine not being pregnant and now looking at these pictures it is so weird seeing myself with a huge belly.

On November 10 we went into the hospital at about 6:30 to prepare for my c section that was scheduled for 8:00. I didn't sleep at all the night before it was like waiting for Christmas when you are a kid.

We took a couple last pictures of me being pregnant and then the nurses started prepping me to go in. I think the most painful part of the entire day was getting the IV in my wrist. Once the IV was in I was taken into the operating room and scared out of my mind cause Greg wasn't allowed in yet. I got an epidural which I thought was going to be super painful, but wasn't at all it was just the icky feeling of having something going into your spine that I didn't like. Once they were ready to cut me open Greg was able to come in. The doctor pinched me and asked if I could feel it...nada. They say you will feel pressure, but I didn't feel a thing. I asked Greg if they were already starting to cut me open and at that moment, at 8:27 am I heard Alta screaming. It all happened so fast. Of course I started bawling, it was such an overwhelming feeling. Jayden came two minutes later screaming as well. 
Although having a c section was definitely not how I planned on bringing my babies into the world it was the best situation for us and I am so happy to have two healthy babies. I am so glad I wasn't in so much pain, I couldn't enjoy the experience. And secretly I am kind of all for c sections now, I recovered so quickly and felt like my old self again within a week.
Alta & Jayden
We have been really blessed to have such healthy twins. They did have to stay in the NICU for a few days because they were losing too much weight, but luckily didn't have to be on oxygen or have a feeding tube. The NICU really was a huge blessing the nurses were so sweet and we were able to have more time in the hospital to learn how to do things and feel more comfortable about bringing them home. I have never done something so hard, but so rewarding in my life