Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Miracle

Yesterday my two little cousins Addison 5 and Dylan 6 were hit by a car and survived with only a few cuts and bruises. They were crossing a street with their older sibilings to get to their bus stop and were hit by a minivan. We went to the hospital yesterday and they are doing amazing. It truly was a miracle. My cousin Addy went home that same day and just hopped out of her hospital bed like nothing. I am so grateful for miracles and the power of prayer. My Cousin Dilly was reading her Book of Mormon as she was crossing :) and that was the only thing that got under any tires. You can check out the news feed here.


Mallory & Tim said...

OMGOSH! I am so sorry. I am so happy they are ok! Truly is an amazing story!

Bonnie said...

Kayla, that is so awful. They will be in our prayers. I'm so glad they are okay! Love you.

Erin and James said...

wow. that is so amazing! glad they are ok! so maybe story to us all - we should all carry BOM's with us!