Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Greg and I had the chance to head up to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving. We loved every minute of it and wish we could always be close to our family.

We took family pictures

Prepared delicious turkey

Mashed Potatoes

Ate until we were stuffed

Played with tons of cute kids, Thomas was just one of many

Went shopping on black Friday

Put up Christmas trees

Took fun pictures

Spent time doing Christmas crafts, hung out with some of our favorite people, watched the U of U versus BYU football game and saw BYU kick butt, played games, etc.... we loved it and didn't want to leave.


Erin and James said...

look at you two alll plaiddy plaid! so cute.

Kari said...

Sometimes I just read the big words on your blog. This post was especially good. I liked the "Turkey mashed stuffed cute kids." Sounds Delicious.


Robert A Lindsay said...

Hey, not a very appealing picture of me.