Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My poor baby had to get stitches yesterday. I was at home doing homework while Greg went to church basketball. I later got a call from Ida telling me that Greg got his lip cut open and he was coming home, I was thinking to myself oh it must not have been that bad if he is coming home. I was completely confused and didn't understand what was going on until a heard this honking out side and Greg was out there waiting for me to go with him to urgent care. So once we got there we had to fill out paper work until he could get in, so much for URGENT care. He had a cut that went all the way through his lip and was about an inch wide. While they were numbing him up the medication started seaping through the hole in his lip.He swallowed a ton of it and said it was nasty. Sadly the nurse regonized us because we had been in there just last month. I had cut my finger in my bookbinding class with an exacto knife. Hopefully we won't visit them again anytime soon. Greg is doing good, his lip is just swollen and he says he looks like "one of those ugly dogs with an underbite." another adventure in our life.


Erich and Katie said...

I found your blog yay!! Looks like the ward Basketball has gotten pretty intense!! I hope things are going great!

ryan and jolee said...

I am SO glad that you have a blog! (I told you it was the first thing I was going to do this morning.) I loved reading that last post about what you guys have been up to. I love blogs because you can keep in touch so well. That is so sad about Greg's stitches...not fun. But anyway, it was so good to see you guys yesterday! Hopefully we can all hang out soon.

Amy said...

what happened??? did he get clawed?? So I didn't even know you had a blog!! I'm glad to see you on here though! I've gotten pretty lazy with mine but it is fun to see how everyone else is doing! i miss you!