Tuesday, February 17, 2009

greg's 25th

February 5th Greg turned 25. He is getting oooold. We had some old friends over. Ate cake and ice cream,we played games and had some interesting conversation :).

On Saturday we went up to Salt Lake and had dinner and ice cream with my Dad, Step-mom and sisters. We ate at a Mexican restaurant that we had never been to before. Afterwards we went to a cute little gelato place. They have a table in there that is like an i spy book. It just had a bunch of random things in the table. We played i spy while we were eating our gelato and it was tons of fun. Everyone was getting into it. Supposedly they put a new gadget in every day and if you can find what they added you get a free gelato.

On Sunday we went to Greg's Parents house. His cute mom recreated Cafe Rio for his birthday dinner. It was really good. We had cake and ice cream again :) and Greg opened presents from everybody. A couple Greg's friends from high school came as well and they brought their cute baby girl Rian who I am in love with. She is the cutest thing. Lets just say that she makes me a little baby hungry.

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Katherine said...

Hey! But not as cute as mine I hope...;)