Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle

Valentine's Day we flew to Seattle. We met up with my "Costa Rica" dad and my sister Lauren who live in Florida. We were only there for about two days, but we had so much fun and did tons of stuff. I used to live in Bellingham, WA, but had never really experienced Seattle. We stayed in a hotel in the heart of downtown. The view was amazing. The night we got there we walked around downtown and went to all the malls. The malls were huge. The American Eagle there was two stories and the old navy we went to had three floors. One of the reasons we went shopping is because ALL our luggage got lost. We were even on separate flights and somehow every ones luggage didn't get to us either late that night or the next day so we had to improvise.
For dinner we went to a sushi bar and my poor sister had thrown up earlier when she got off the plane and when we were at dinner she was feeling sick still. She threw up all over her plate and completely filled it up. Poor thing! What a memory though.
The next morning we went to the Pike place market. It was really cool. My favorite was all the colorful fruit, they had anything and everything you could think of. There were Amazing bakeries , the first Starbucks, jewelry, flowers, fishermen throwing fish.....

For Breakfast we went to the little restaurant that Tom Hanks ate at with Rob Reiner in Sleepless in Seattle. It was really cute, right on the ocean so we had a cool view.
We went on a ferry ride, we went to the Jimmy Hendricks music place right by the space needle, we played in the huge REI that they have in Seattle and much more. It was so much fun!!! We had tons of laughs and explored amazing Seattle. Now we are back to reality.
Greg is interviewing like crazy. He has had three interviews recently and one second interview in Idaho. We are driving up there on Thursday night for it. Then hopefully he will get second interviews with Kohl's in Wisconsin and Sisco in San Jose California. I would really love to end up in San Jose out of all those places, but we are just excited we are getting closer to landing a good job. We can't really be picky at the moment. So who knows where we will end up.


Amy said...

ahhh that looks like so much fun! I would love to go to Seattle!! Isn't it so nice to get away from Utah/Provo even just for a weekend?? That sounds like such a great trip!

ryan and jolee said...

What a fun vacation! That is so cool you went to that restaurant that is in Sleepless in Seattle. I would love to go there sometime. And I'm with Amy, it is so wonderful to get of Provo sometimes!