Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oreo Truffle Experiment

For FHE on Monday night we decided to experiment with a recipe I found on Better Homes and Gardens, which is one of my favorite websites. I get daily emails from them with awesome recipes, cute decorating ideas and one day garden ideas that will be useful. If you are interested in making the truffles here is a link to the site: Oreo Truffles Recipe
So this was the goal.... they were fairly easy to make but mine didn't turn out quite as pretty as theirs.

If you are interested in making these I would suggest a couple things that I think I will do next time to get a better turn out. If you have a blender use it to blend up the Oreos before you add the cream cheese. Also I would recommend covering the whole Oreo ball with chocolate. I think that way they would look prettier. We had a lot of fun, its a fast and easy recipe, and they taste delicious.


Katherine said...

That is sooo wierd! I just found that recipe in a cookbook and was excited to try it. BTW, sorry I never called you back.

Derek and Lisa said...

We actually made those for both me and my sister's wedding! You might have seen them at the reception! We also drizzled them in milk chocolate. Makes them look a little fancy schmancy.

Mallory & Tim said...

Those look delicious! I will be by later to try some! ; )

Erin and James said...

yummy. those are the best treats!! i wish you had brought some to us ;)