Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Saturday we went to Sedona, AZ with our good friends Mal & Tim. It was gorgeous!! We have decided to start a tradition of going somewhere new in Arizona each month.
We had fun playing car games on the long drive there :), walking around all the cute little shops. We ate cactus fries which I actually thought were delicious, but no one else liked them. Got ice cream and headed over to see Montezuma's Castle....

I actually thought it would be a little hike, but you pretty much just drove up to it. It was really cool. Mallory and I really wanted to sneak up there and go exploring.

On the way home we went shopping at the outlet malls and to end the great day Greg got pulled over....
Luckily he is amazing at getting out of tickets and only got a warning :). We are excited for our next adventure.

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Erin said...

looks like fun. we are trying to do that too with just a few months here.