Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter was fabulous! Since the Conovers only have one grandbaby that is not able to walk yet, we all get to run around and act like children to find the eggs. This year we had confetti eggs and the rule was you have to smash them on someones head and you can steal an egg from them. It was SO much fun! I ended up getting a hand full of confetti in my mouth :). I love the family I married into, couldn't have made a better choice. Afterwards Val took some Easter pictures for everyone...isn't everyone so cute!!

We also celebrated Ryan's birthday and announced we were having twins. It was an exciting day! Happy Birthday Ryan We Love You!! 

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Just Be You said...

I Love that you still hunt for eggs as adults . I think that is fabulous!
Greg and You are having twins? :)
Really ? Really?