Monday, April 2, 2012

two little blessings

J & A were blessed on January 29. It was a great day! My mom was able to come back into town and it was WONDERFUL. All weekend we were getting ready for sunday. We made a TON of treaties a lot of them ended up in our mouths before sunday :) Cuddled with babies and just enjoyed having Grandma in town. Hopefully soon we won't be so far away.


Meg said...

these pictures are all so sweet. i love the one of you holding alta. sooo precious! :)

Katherine said...

Way cute...though you are seriously behind. Maybe you would have more time if you weren't busy pinning :);)

Lindsey said...

You look beautiful as usual, and you and Greg have that new parent glow- I can tell you guys are loving being parents and it makes me so happy!!!!

It was sooooooo GOOD to see you this weekend and love on Alta- she is adorable and I miss her, even though I just met her. Miss you too!


Erin said...

that pic of you holding her is so dang precious!!!!!