Tuesday, January 22, 2013

good things are happening

This lovely lady is gracing us with her presence THURSDAY! I couldn't be more excited. She is a wimp when it comes to being cold too. So it is saying a lot for her to be coming to Utah when it is in the negatives in the morning. She really loves her grand babies. 
We are finally coming out of being sick. I'm crossing my fingers we stay sickless for a little while this time. It definitely makes the winter that more dreadful. Especially being pregnant and sick. Not a good combination when you are coughing and blowing your nose all the time. I had to remember to cross my legs every time or else I created even more laundry for myself. 

I am now in my third trimester. Hallelujah! I'm to the point where I am ready to hold my baby girl and start getting back into shape :). I am glad I have a few more months to get things ready though. Not that I have to do that much, but I like to get the projects that have been on my list for months to get crossed off my list or else it will be another several months before they even get attempted. Nesting has definitely kicked into gear.

We are headed to sunny california in two weeks!! Hopefully this trip will help me survive the rest of the winter.

My house is clean and laundry is folded AND put away.

Just spoiled my girls. "My girls" I like the sound of that :) 

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Marissa said...

I cannot wait to see Alta's chubby little body in that swimsuit! So cute! Where did you find all that adorbs stuff?s