Thursday, January 24, 2013

three little teeth

Alta finally got her third tooth! She is a little behind, but she has learned to master gumming everything. I usually don't notice she has a new tooth until it has popped through. She doesn't seem phased by the pain at all. Kids definitely come out different for sure cause Jayden is the complete opposite. 

I cannot get over how much I love my kids cheesy smiles. They make me laugh every time. They are really starting to grow into their own little person and it makes me love them even more. I love seeing their unique personalities. It is crazy how being raised at the same time, the same way and they can still be so different. They come to us with their own unique little spirit without a doubt. I'm excited to see what our other baby girl brings to the family. 

One of my goals is to capture their quirky little things they do. There are so many, so I have a lot of catching up to do, but I hope I can just capture it before it goes away. I'm excited for the older years with my children, but I'm really sad that they are growing up so fast. I wish I could hit a pause button or slow mo button. It is a good thing I'm getting another little newborn to hold cause I sure miss that stage.  Now I just need to learn to master giving my children equal attention so they all feel loved and I don't miss anything. Is that possible? I'm going to try and make it possible. 

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