Sunday, January 20, 2013

and then there was two

Jayden officially took his first steps on the last day of the world, December 21. He wanted to go out on two feet. It was the cutest thing seeing him take his first few steps. He would get so overly excited that he would topple over or just fall forward in the hopes that someone would catch him. For a while he still crawled to get places, but every once in awhile would test out his skills. He graduated to the gorilla crawl and walking officially took over the beginning of the year. 

Everyone was like "oh you are in for it", but they don't get into much more than they already did. The real challenge is going to be when they start climbing. Oh the joys of parenthood :)

I sure love this boy even if he does destroy my house. Just look at the face. 


Jess said...

fun! He and Alta are so sweet. I remember when my twins started walking... they got quick fast, so just wait for it :)

Lindsey said...

What a sweetheart, I just melt over him! Good job Jayden!!

Derek and Lisa said...

Hooray Jayden!!