Friday, March 18, 2011

Art of Watercoloring

My beautiful work of art I made with Linds in San Diego. Probably the easiest thing I could have painted, thought it was a good start and I love it. Hopefully it will get framed and go up on our wall soon. 

I am now in love with watercolors. Linds and I had so much fun painting. It was so relaxing. . I think I need to start up painting on a regular basis.  I want to make a bunch of cards for when birthdays and such come up and painting some of them would be so fun. My friend Lindsey is great at water coloring. I think she needs to sell stuff on Etsy look here and here at her paintings. 
Oh I almost forgot. I discovered that people paint on photographs. Lindsey has this gorgeous picture of Veince, Italy that someone took and they painted over it to enhance some of the picture and added clouds. I wish I could remember who the artist was and I would show you the picture, but wouldn't that be so fun. I could combine my love of photography and water coloring :). Sounds perfect. 


Lindsey Leon said...

It did turn out great didn't it?!?! You have fabulous taste :) Thanks for the compliment hon it means a lot! Hopefully you get started doing a little painting of your own!!!


Mallory said...

it turned out great! You are seriously so talented my friend! Maybe, you should paint Alex one and I can hang it up in her room....just sayin' ;)

Lindsey Leon said...

loveloveloveloveloveLOVE the new header! It's very you and super darling!!!! xoxox!