Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bicycle Baby Shower

My neighbor Annie and I threw a baby shower for our good friend Meghan last Saturday and had lots of fun. We did kind of a bicycle themed shower. If you didn't see the invite look here. If you are throwing a shower I'm sure you already know, but it can get expensive fast, but I'm proud to say we did pretty good. The key is borrowing things and searching around your house for stuff you can use.
Recognize the fabric? Scraps from my first quilt. 
Also awhile back in this post I made these flowers for my shirt. Well as I was searching my house for ideas I came across my flower so I made four more and grabbed some sticks in my front yard and made a bouquet. 
We didn't want to do the games cause we felt those are kind of boring and no fun and since it was an open house wouldn't have worked out that great so we just had people write advice on these little onesies. I got this idea from this blog. My favorite piece of advice was "scream in the closet." :) 
Another awesome idea I discovered. Just walking around in stores I kind of get ideas. I went to Orson Gygi and saw a table runner that kind of looked like a scarf, more money than I wanted to spend so I looked through my closet and found the scarf you see on the table and it worked perfectly. 
Congratulations Meghan can't wait to meet your cute little boy!!! 


Lindsey Leon said...

Cutest shower ever!!!! Seriously, super darling! And I'm so happy you got a new computer- I got your message and I'll call you tonight!

Meg said...

The shower was perfect! Thanks so much again and I'm totally going to have to steal these pictures for my blog cause they are waaaaay better than the couple I took :) You are the best!