Sunday, April 26, 2009

Visit from my Mom

I have been horrible at posting and today I finally caught up. I forgot to post about when my mom came to visit though. She came the week before classes were over. Which was perfect because I was done with all my projects and didn't really need to start studying for tests yet. She came for a week just her and it was tons of fun. We didn't do much, but it was tons of fun to just have her visit. We watched movies and ate treaties like all family visits :) we couldn't leave that out. She also came to one of my presentations for my Phonology class it was fun to have her. On Friday Katherine, my mom and I and the kids went shopping up in Park City iall, who doesn't love shopping, it was tons of fun. Before we knew it she was already getting ready to leave it was fun, but went by way to fast. Hopefully now that Greg has a job with US airways we will be able to afford to visit family more often now.


Lindsey and Orlando said...

Hey! WE have a blog!!!! :) Go see it at

Lindsey and Orlando said...

Stacy's is Love you too girl! You guys had better stop by to hug us before you go!!! We are sure going to miss you both. We will definitely take a roadtrip down... :) Love ya!!!