Sunday, April 26, 2009

Graduation and Moving

So Greg is officially done with school YIPPEE!! All of you who don't know he received his Bachelors degree in Business Finance. He was pretty depressed about graduating because he hadn't received a job yet, but the afternoon after he was done with all his finals he received the best call ever. US airways called him and offered him a job as a senior financial analyst. Oh my gosh it was the best feeling ever. I totally thought he was kidding when he told me. We were really hopeful that he would get this job but didn't really think it would happen. Fifteen people were up for the job and he got it.
Wow does Heavenly Father really answers prayers. I don't know how many times we have prayed to receive a job and our prayers were answered at the most perfect time. This has been one of the biggest testimony builders for me. If you truly believe Heavenly Father is watching out for you and constantly keep faith and trust him you will be so blessed. I think this is the best job Greg could have received and I remember getting so upset thinking why is he not getting hired, but come to find out the best job for Greg was going to come when it needed to.
I'm truly grateful for such a hard working husband. I could see myself getting so discouraged and giving up, but he kept going, working so hard to not only find his dream job, but provide for his family. He got discouraged a lot of times but never lost faith. So the job is in Phoenix, Arizona. We are going tomorrow to find a apartment and will be there until Wednesday. Once we sign all the papers hopefully we will know when Greg is going to have to go down there and we will start moving. I'm really excited for a change and moving forward in life, but I'm really sad we won't be close to as much family anymore and sad we have to leave all the friends we have made here. We love you guys and will miss you more than anything!!!

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Jason said...

Congrats to the Conover family. I was excited to hear about the good news about US Airways. You'll be super spoiled with your winters in Phoenix now Kayla. Keep us posted