Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Oasis in the Desert

We are now residents of Arizona. Everything happened so fast. We didn't really get to say bye to very many people which is sad, so if you were one of them we are really sorry it is not because we don't love you. I was always so excited to get out of Provo, but now that it has happened it makes me sad. We miss everyone so much, now that we are not there we realize how many family and friends we had so close by. Arizona is great though. We arrived at our apartment in Chandler on Friday the eighth and started loading up the apartment with our junk. We were so surprised with how much stuff we had, especially for only having a one bedroom apartment.....that was furnished. Once we got here we went out to eat and came back to go to bed because we were exhausted and who would have guessed our air conditioning wasn't working so we called emergency maintenance and they had us stay in a hotel. The air conditioning wasn't fixed until Monday :) so that wasn't fun. Monday Greg went to work for his first day of work and I stayed home unpacking boxes. I will hopefully find a job soon and plan on finishing up my last semester of college at ASU.So here is our new life. Our little Oasis in the Desert. We are excited to start new memories. Memories of having dinner picnics on the floor :) and having old friends come visit, getting to know my Dad's side of the family better, making new friends, getting lost, furniture shopping, and being on our own. We will keep you posted. WE MISS EVERYONE!!


Erich and Katie said...

hope you are getting settled!! we need to have you guys over!! Maybe a sunday dinner? we have something this sunday for our ward, but what about next Sunday? I will call you

Tyler and Lara said...

Kayla! We miss you guys... I'm so excited for you guys though and a little jealous :) Arizona's a great place, you're going to love it. I feel ya on the air conditioning going out, that's the worst in AZ. That's good that they put you in a hotel. Well, keep us posted on your life in AZ!