Wednesday, February 20, 2013

week 32

Nine more weeks to go, at the most. I'm thinking I will make it to my due date if not past. With the twins I was a couple days from 38 weeks and still nothing had really happened. I don't know whether to rejoice that I'm in the single digits or to freak out. Some days I think to myself I can totally handle three kids. Today was not one of them.

The maternity clothes have officially taken over. I try to keep wearing my normal clothes as long as possible. My maternity selection is pretty slim pickings and I always have a hard time justifying buying maternity clothes. I'd rather save my money and go shopping afterwards. It definitely helps being pregnant in the winter though cause as long as I have a couple shirts I can just alternate cardigans, jackets, scarfs and maybe just like in the sixth sense you won't even notice I have worn the same shirt three days in a row. 

One of my absolute favorite things about being pregnant is my hair. Three months after is when I cry cause I think I'm going bald. I'll admit I have considered incapsulating my placenta cause I have heard it helps prevent hair loss. I'm desperate! In pill form you probably can't even taste it right? Maybe it will be better this time around cause there is only one baby. That is what I'm hoping. 

week 31 with Alta & Jayden 


Mallory said...

The MOST beautiful pregnant mama ever! Seriously, you are glowing! You are going to totally rock it with 3 kids.

Becky said...

You're stunning! Can't wait to meet that little girl!!