Friday, May 18, 2012

dreaming of new clothes

My birthday couldn't come any sooner. I am craving some new clothes so bad. I am loving all the bright colors that are in style now and want them to come cheer up my closest. 
On my list to find...
1. Neon pink something. I have never liked the color Neon pink but as of recently I'm a little obsessed with having a piece in my wardrobe.
2. Peter pan shirt. 
3. Lace shirt. 
4. Bright colored pencil skirt. 
5. Shirt with a loose tie in the front. 
6. Mint skinny jeans. 


Bonnie & Tyler said...

I am craving a skinnier body, then some hot new clothes. Ugh... having babies is so hard. I think I am having me some postpartum today. I love all of these styles, just don't think I can pull them off. I wish we could go shopping together.

Lindsey said...

such cute things!!!! i love it, i hope you get them all for your birthday! :)