Saturday, January 21, 2012


Yes I'm that far behind....
I was able to scratch something off my bucket list this Thanksgiving.
Number 10: Host Thanksgiving dinner.
I think it turned out great. I had the help of my dearest Mother and Costa Rica Dad while Auntie Lauren and Greg took care of babies.
 It was so cute seeing Lauren with the babies. She is definitely not a baby person but her Auntie instincts kicked in. She was so cute with them and so willing to help so I could get some sleep.

 In addition to Thanksgiving we also celebrated my Costa Rica Dad's birthday by going to Red Iguana.
We had a ton of fun while everyone was here. It was horrible seeing them leave. As I'm sure any of you new mothers know. When your mom leaves it sucks. There were quite a few tears, but luckily though my mom is coming out again this next week and Lauren will hopefully come out for her spring break.

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Lindsey said...

yay for mom's visiting! the babies are so TEENY!!! and also, your hair is GORGEOUS. Seriously, i'm super jealous. It's all shiny and rich and amazing. wow you are one hot mama!! glad they came to help so you could rest!