Saturday, January 21, 2012

first week home

It already makes me sad to look at these pictures and see how much they have grown, time goes by so fast. I am loving every minute of being a mom and Greg is such a great dad!! I was always worried about being exhausted at the end of the day and having to fight with my hubby about taking care of babies cause he has had an exhausting day at work as well, but it hasn't even been an issue, when he gets home  he is so excited see them and take care of them.
I love my little family!


Derek and Lisa said...

You guys look so happy!

Lindsey said...

oh they are so precious! i love their sleeping lttle faces! also, i love greg's faux hawk haha. you guys really do look so happy, i'm so glad you're loving life as new parents. you make some darling babies!

James Low said...

you look so fabulous! motherhood looks dang good on you! - erin