Sunday, May 29, 2011

our little lemon drops


Lindsey said...

Words cannot express my JOY at seeing these!!!!!! you have the cutest little belly! i'll call you as soon as my voice returns (stupid cold)- I want an update!
Love you!

Heidi said...

Kayla, your blog is so darling!! You and Greg will make the best parents! I hope you and the Posners are neighbors for a long time so I can come hold your babies, too, when they come!~Heidi, Meg's sister

Jess said...

You do look cute! I remember in one of my ultrasounds seeing one twin trying to climb over the other's sac, but they were fine (separate sacs). twins are so much fun! I am glad I have another friend to share it with! cute chair, and I vote disposable. I think the really important thing with twins is nursing them both completely (not switching one with a bottle). nursing them at the same time was a huge time saver!

Stephanie Joy said...

is there a "like" button for this?! You are WAY too cute! :) Congratulations!!!!! TWINS?!?! That's crazy :) But WOW - Auntie Stephanie can't wait to meet them, too! lol. I will have to plan Utah into a stop sometime after November... maybe Spring-ish when they're a couple months old at least... :D I am excited and happy for you. You are a beautiful pregnant woman! I love your little posts... "be nice to each other in there"... lol. love it :)
Take care,
big hugs!


Briarace said...

I am ohh sooo suuuper happy for you and Greg!!! You are such a hot mama. I cannot wait for your little dudes to say hello to the world. You are going to be a great mother. I LOVE this pregnancy update. Thank you blogging.