Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Vacay

For Christmas we had a chance to fly to Georgia/Florida. We had tons of fun... shopping, going to movies, opening presents....sadly I'm not posting any present opening pictures because I would be severely punished by my little sister.
Greg and I decided we would wait until after christmas to get a great deal on a tree so we didn't really decorate this year...kind of depressing I don't suggest it, but we did get an awesome deal which I guess makes up for it. We got a 9ft prelit tree for $45 bucks at Hobby Lobby!!! Once we got to my Moms though it was great cause it finally felt more like Christmas.
Here is there adorable tree....

The first night we got to Atlanta we got all dressed up and went to an amazing steak house called Bones. It was really fun we felt all fancy shmancy. The next day we goofed around in Atlanta.

Later on we headed down to Florida. We took family pictures and had tons of laughs. Everything that makes Christmas Christmas! We were sad that the week went by so fast. Love you guys thanks for making Christmas amazing.

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