Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holiday Reese's Have Arrived!!

My favorite candy of all-time has arrived and its probably good it is only here six months out of the year.
Some of you might think, "six months out of the year? Reese's are always in the stores." Well these are not a regular Reese's these are a million times better. It all started when my mom put the Reese's Eggs in our easter basket and our relationship began. For Valentine's day a couple years ago Greg bought me a bag of the heart Reese's and I ate a whole bag by myself in less than week. Greg says he gave me two, but I hope to believe otherwise :) I'm so excited that the holidays have arrived it is the best time of the year....FAMILY, stockings, food, REESE'S :), Snow (somewhere), TURKEY, costumes, easter BUNNIES, love letters and ROSES.....

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ryan and jolee said...

You are SO right!!! These are definitely so much better than the normal ones. I have been looking for these pumpkin ones but haven't been able to find them :(