Sunday, April 26, 2009

Laughs for Life

Greg has been able to be a part of a organization called laughs for life their purpose is to raise money for a charity called Tiny Tim and Friends that helps HIV + orphans in Zambia, Africa. To raise money they made a joke book and so far it has raised over 8,000. All that money goes straight to help the kids and pregnant women that are HIV+. With the money they are able to provide medicine, shelter, education and food for the kids and pregnant mothers. The medicine enables them to manage the virus so that it does not shorten their life span. Pregnant women as a result of taking the medicine do not pass the virus onto their unborn.
On April 14th to try and raise money and encourage people to buy the book they organized a night with Divine Comedy and Laugh out Loud, two BYU comedy groups. It was a ton of fun and was a for a great cause.

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