Saturday, December 15, 2012

week 22

Baby girl I can't believe you are only 4.5 months away from being in our arms. We are so excited to meet you and join our little family. You are constantly moving. I feel like Alta and Jayden didn't move as much, probably because you have lots more room. Alta and Jayden love playing with you. Whenever I pull up my shirt to show them my belly they stop what they are doing and both start crawling towards me to squeeze, hit and poke you. I'm so excited for the years to come and watch you all play together. We love you!!

Week 22 with Alta and Jayden 


Marissa said...

Haha! They love their sister already!

Becky said...

Love the comparison of 22 weeks with this pregnancy and the twins pregnancy. You can definately see the difference between two babies in your tummy and just one! You're little bump is the cutest!

Lindsey said...

YOU ARE GORGEOUS! And i'm a little jealous, she is going to be such a doll!