Friday, December 21, 2012

we have a walker

My baby girl started walking on 12/12/12. She has been standing by herself for a while now and would take a step her and there, but on Tuesday she just got a little more daring and decided to go for it. Now after a week she hardly ever crawls. It is so cute! I love how happy it makes her.
As for Jayden, he is my master crawler. :) I think he will be a few weeks behind her. Poor little guy though I think is a tad jealous, especially of the excitement Alta got out of me. He started crying after I got excited a few times for Alta. I realize the above picture is blurry but this is totally what has been happening lately. I'm getting excited about Alta walking and Jayden is in the background looking at me and sometimes crying like "hey mom what about me?"Once I decided I was going to take a picture of Jayden he got all excited. 
Jayden likes to follow Alta around, he is a little faster now though and likes to head butt her while she is walking which makes her fall over and start crying. When she hears him sometimes behind her she either gets excited or scared and starts trying to walk faster until either Jayden knocks her over or she can't keep up and falls. 

Original video and after a week. Excuse my high pitched overly excited voice. 


Amy said...

That is so exciting! She is so cute and looks likes she has awesome balance. Those pictures with jayden in the background are funny but I feel for him! Caleb isn't walking yet either. I want our kiddos to play together soon!

Bonnie and Tyler said...

YAY ALTA!!! Way to go! maybe seeing Jake was a little push? haha. That is so funny that Jayden head butts her, I bet it is so fun having twins. Poor Alta.

Marissa said...

Love the new blog layout! And love those crawling and walking babies!

Derek and Lisa said...

Good job Alta!!! And I love your mommy excitement!