Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 Christmas was wonderful! Holidays are always so much more fun with kids. Last year Greg and I started a tradition of creating hope lists. We each wrote a hope list last year after Christmas of things we hope would have happened by this Christmas and then put them in our stockings. We didn't see each others and so this year when we pulled out our stocking we got to read them to each other. It was so much fun. On the top of both of our lists was that we hope we have a baby and Greg actually put he hopes we have twins :). Almost all of our hopes came true throughout the year. We feel so blessed and happy!! Christmas morning we did our own thing at our house and then later went over to my dads.

 Christmas eve was spent with Greg's family. We started a new birthday tradition where instead of buying each other presents we put money into a jar to save up for a big family trip and My mother in law just gave us ugly Christmas sweaters as a present. So for Christmas we all wore our sweaters :)

 Kim and Chad's sweaters were on my top favorite list :) 

Sad all the festivities are over, but looking forward to next year when Alta and Jayden can be more involved. 

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Jolee said...

So cute! I think I say that about every post you do :) I love the picture of you smiling at the camera with Alta on Christmas morning. And I love the idea about the hope lists. We may have to start doing that too!