Thursday, March 10, 2011

"We just might be the luckiest people"

We got back from San Diego last Tuesday night and we were so sad to have to leave. But we had an amazing time and feel so blessed we were able to take some time off and party with our friends! There were several times where we were all crying from laughing so hard.
prepare for photo overload
Thursday we started the drive after work and I was so proud of myself that I stayed up for like six hours entertaining Greg so he wouldn't fall asleep. Normally I only last an hour or two. We were singing almost the entire time which helped and I entertained myself by taking pictures...
Then we stopped at In & Out to recharge. I absolutely love In & Out I don't know what it is but I think if I wasn't worried about dying from obesity I would eat there everyday.
We were an hour or two away from San Diego and thought we better stop. So we pulled, what is now called, a Greg & Kayla :) and slept in our car for a few hours.
We arrived early Friday morning and although it has almost been two years since we had seen them last it was love at first sight!
We walked on the beach and enjoyed a huge scoop of ice cream...

Found our future beach house for when we are rich...

At night we went to H&M Which was one of the best parts. Not only did I buy a blazer, two shirts and a pair of jeans all under $80 buckaroos but I had Lindsey as a shopping partner. I love my hubby but nothing compares to shopping with a girl. It was ah-maz-ing! To end the already great night we went to extraordinary desserts. If you live in San Diego and haven't been there you have to go.
The atmosphere alone is so fun. I got the strawberry shortcake and I wish I hadn't eaten all day so I could have enjoyed this more cause I got full pretty fast.
Saturday we watched BYU kick some San Diego butt, ate delicious tacos for lunch...
Lindsey and I painted with watercolors, which was so fun. I think I might just have to go buy some of my own. I painted a little something for our wall. I'll have to take a picture and show you soon. Lindsey is a professional though you'll have to look at her blog and see the cute things she has painted.
Sunday we went to Mexico and ate tacos again and just enjoyed walking around. And Monday we went to DISNEYLAND!!                              

It was such a great vacation and greatly needed. I wish we could just rewind time again and again and again.


Lindsey Leon said...

AHHHH! That was a fabulous week, wish we could rewind! I need your pics, they're way better than mine :) xoxo!!

Becky Rust said...

i have a spectacular idea! WE could go shopping together! ryan hates shopping and he's always gone anyways... so you and i could go. cuz you're a girl and i'm a girl... so it could be fun...:) thanks for the blog help by the way!! you're the bestest best best!