Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

A few people in our ward purchase bountiful baskets every Saturday and so when we heard how much everyone else loved them we decided to sign up and we are in love. It is so fun. If you aren't in Utah I'm almost positive they sell them in other states so you should check it out.You get different types of local fruits and vegetables every time and it is such a great deal.
There are some things we have never even seen before, like these....Fuyus
We had to google what they were and how to eat them. We just ate them like apples but you can also cook them. They were yummy,  similar to an apple. I'm so excited to search for new recipes and try new things I have never tried before. I hope it helps us eat healthier!!


Katherine said...

Bountiful baskets is only in Utah and Arizona, and one city in Washington. But I am sure there are similar programs in other states.

Just Be You said...

My sister in law does this and LOVES it too . I have been seriously considering the idea so I am glad to hear another review.

Lindsey Leon said...

Kayla! I love the pictures you did og little Claire- gorgeous! You're getting really good at this whole photo thing!