Monday, August 16, 2010


On Saturday my mother and sister in law canned pickles. We had tons of fun and decided every year we want to get together and  can one thing for our food storage. The recipe was really easy, didn't take very long and didn't make a huge mess. You should try it!!
 I'm excited to see how they taste. I will be the only one in my family surviving on pickles if we have no other food source :) Greg doesn't even let me kiss him after I have eaten a pickle :). My sister and I love them so much we usually not only eat a pickle but have to drink some of the juice too :)

Dill Pickles
12 Cup Water
4 Cup Vinegar ( apple cider)
1 Cup salt ( non-iodized)
Dill ( 2 or 3 Stalks) per qt. bottle
1 button garlic per qt. bottle
Grape Leaves 1 per qt. bottle
Cucumber ( we like the little ones)

While you are getting things prepared sterilize your jars and lids in boiling water for about ten minutes. Heat Solution of water, vinegar and salt. Fill each jar with cucumbers, clove garlic, dill and grape leaf. Pack the cucumbers tightly, but make sure they are not popping out from the top. Completely submerge jars in Canner Pot after it starts boiling, process for half an hour. Make sure the lids pop and are completely sealed. If not throw away that lid and reheat them in the canner pot with a new lid. Once completed place them on your shelf and a month later (this time frame is possibly shorter, but we couldn't remember so we went with the longer amount of time) they are ready to eat.

Looks Yummy! Enjoy..

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