Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Graduated!!

I was debating at first whether or not to walk because most of my friends had walked in April, but I'm so glad I did. It was tons of fun and now I feel more like I actually graduated :). I got to sit next to a good friend of mines friend during commencement and one of my old partners during convocation. It was a great feeling to graduate!Although now I feel like I need to go get my masters. Oh well the right time will come. I need to just feel accomplished for finishing my bachelors. Sometimes being surrounded by so many amazing people at BYU its hard to see your own achievements cause they sometimes seem so minor compared to others. Since I'm not planning on going to school right away I'm going to do lots of projects to keep my brain working :). So keep your eye out for those.
Iam so grateful I had the opportunity to go to BYU it was amazing. I made lifelong friends that I will always miss and learned so many great lessons.
Ugh tears are coming. I'm going to miss this part of my life, but I'm so excited for the future!!


Mallory said...

YAY congrats! You look adorable! You are going to do great things in the future! Missing you. I need someone to have girl talk with. ; ( can't wait for Oct.

Bonnie said...

You graduated and I am just starting... wow! GREAT JOB!!! I am so happy for you, what a relief you must feel! Love you!

Selma said...

Congrats Kayla! This is so proud of you!!!