Friday, June 11, 2010

Draper Temple

Yesterday we had the chance to go clean the temple after hours. It was such a neat experience.We were there until twelve and the housekeeper said he stays there until five thirty and I sat there thinking what does he do. The temple was already immaculate. There were things though that were cleaned that you never even thought about, such as the scriptures ( if your scriptures ever get dirty, clean them with carpet cleaner it works like a charm on the leather).  For most of the time I ended up cleaning a section by myself and I felt like I was in the temple all by myself. It was so nice to have a moment with no distractions and complete silence being in the house of the lord.  


Mallory + Tim said...

I wanna do that! Sounds like a wonderful experience. I was just saying how I needed to go to the temple. I wish you guys were here so we could make it a date night.

P.s. my word verification is 'Hitler'

Bonnie said...

wow kayla! What an awesome oppertunity!