Friday, June 18, 2010

100th Post

When we first got married I remember by good friend Jolee telling me I should start a blog now cause that is what married people do :). It is so true, holy cow. Its like a whole different world you don't find out about until you get married. I love the blog world!!! There are so many women out there to learn from and be inspired by and the blog world makes that all possible. And of course its a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. Over the past two years I have found a few blogs that I never miss a post. They inspire me to be a great mom one day, to be able to see my trials as blessings, cute outfit ideas :), fun ideas to do with my future children, photographers that inspire me to reach my goals.....the list goes on and on. Here are the blogs I look at the most...

Which blogs are your favorite?

So as you can tell I have gotten a little obsessed with blogging. I hope to soon share a photography blog I have been working on so watch out for that.
Thanks everyone for all the comments, love and inspiration!!

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